MSR Clearing Platform

Marlin Mortgage Capital, LLC (“Marlin”) was created to serve as a clearing platform (the "PLATFORM") for buying and selling residential Mortgage Servicing Rights (“MSR”). The PLATFORM provides investors with the virtual access to the skills and tools required to own the MSR asset, while minimizing the operational liabilities associated with ownership, control, and regulatory compliance.

Marlin will enter into various subservicing agreements with best-in-class Bank and Non-Bank operators, thereby insulating investors from most operating liabilities and obtaining day-one scaled servicing operations. Instead, Marlin will manage all regulatory compliance oversight required by the state and federal servicing guidelines using internal resources and certain third-party vendors. Marlin has created internal origination capabilities and expects to work collectively with its subservicing vendors who also have mortgage origination capabilities, further enhancing the customer retention efforts thus providing a natural hedge for investors during various interest rate environments.

Marlin has initiated the process of securing certain federal and national servicing licensing approvals necessary to own MSR assets, as of today Marlin has the ability to own MSR assets in approximately ~60% of the United States (based on historical State origination volumes). Please refer to our licensing page for more information.